This blog is designed to be a free yet quality resource for those who are seeking a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Every content that makes to this blog is based on personal experience and is not geared to sell or promote any product.

While great strides have been made in the field of fitness, body building and diet, it is daunting for an individual to get started on the road to a healthy lifestyle. The objective of this blog is to provide motivation, choice of various approaches that can be taken to improve fitness and also provide some tips on diet.

During my efforts to get a healthy lifestyle, I have made a lot of discoveries and gathered a lot of knowledge from my trainers and also through attending professional workshops. When I look back, I think I could have made faster progress if there was a road map.

This blog is intended to be that road map. Feel free to send me your queries and I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.