My Journey

I started working quite early and it automatically became my lifestyle to work long hours and grab any comfort food available and drink copious amounts of coffee and soft drinks.

In College, I was a lanky tall fellow but within 5 years of working,  I weighed close to 100 Kilos. It did not bother me at all. My focus was on my career and meeting work goals. My job involved frequent travel and that meant staying in hotels and eating hotel food. This meant that every meal was a high calorie meal. I never visited the hotel Gym or pool.

By the time I turned 47, I started feeling the weight. I had lost family members on my paternal side to Diabetes and it was like a wake up call. I had to do something to get my health on the right track. The motivation was still not there and I was looking for some low hanging fruit that I could tackle.

The easiest thing seemed to be to avoid coffee and soft drinks. I managed to get off soft drinks but coffee was difficult to let go. Each cup had two spoons of sugar so I decided to reduce the sugar by half and the coffee tasted bad. Tea seemed more palatable with one spoon of sugar so I switched to tea.

Over the next 6 months, I was able to drink tea without sugar and that made a lot of difference initially but the weight loss was not perceptible. My love for food and relaxation was getting in the way.

I will continue in the next post…




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