Over the last six years, I had been working on a lifestyle change with the goal of attaining Health and Fitness.

Now I feel happy with the results and this blog is my way of sharing everything that I learned in the process so that you don’t have to repeat my mistakes.

Here is a list of content you can expect to find in this blog:

  • Why you need to take health and fitness seriously?
  • How to start on the path of Health and fitness?
  • Understand why lifestyle changes are important to retain health and fitness gains
  • Guide to making lifestyle change
  • Exercise routines and best practices towards muscle gain, muscle tone and fitness
  • Vegetarian diet and recipe suggestions to assist in muscle gain and retention.
  • Motivation to stay on track.

The menu links above take you directly to posts of your interest and will be expanded over time.

I almost post daily, you can follow me on this blog or on twitter @HlthfitnessBlog to get notification of new posts.

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