Pillars of a healthy lifestyle

I have been writing this blog for a while and mostly, I share my knowledge and personal experience of exercise routines and nutrition. However, just physical fitness is not sufficient for overall well being. This blog post aims to examine a few foundational concepts that could lead to overall well being. This will end up being a series of 6 to 8 posts so I hope those following this blog would check back regularly to see the new posts.

As humans, we possess intellect and rational thinking as well as empathy. As a result of these gifts, we are prone to emotions like greed, altruism, stress, sorrow and happiness and a host of emotional states. As we bounce along these various emotional states, we perceive the world and situations as fair / unfair and drift from elation to depression and back again.

In our daily life, we don the role of an employee, father, mother, brother, sister or friend and look at life from different perspectives. We also gather baggage along the way and it incrementally modifies our behaviour and personality. Those of us fortunate to have met all the right people along the way will end up with a healthy perspective and personality. The less fortunate ones will be damaged.

The point is that apart from physical fitness, we need mental fitness for a proper life. I hope to share my experience in this regard along with all that I have observed or learned from reading and listening to great thinkers. Hope you find the subsequent set of posts interesting. The first post is going to be on work life balance.

I selected the work life balance topic because that seems to be most relevant to most people right now. It is possible that you are reading this on your phone on your way to work or at lunch time. The other topics are going to be a bit distant for most busy working folks. The topics include compassion, empathy, sense of purpose and meditation to name a few.



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