Going well

Hi all, it has been a while since my last post. I have slipped back to my regular gym routine of 4 days a week and it is feeling good. I took a day off yesterday due to a bit of pain from left neck to shoulder. I usually do not work out if I feel pain.

Overall, everything is working out well. I have added an inch to my shoulders and also improved my upper back. This makes my T-Shirts fit better. I also have been able to improve my triceps marginally.

As mentioned earlier, I have been working towards hypertrophy – muscle growth. My new program consists of 4 sessions of 12 reps at 80% of my maximum rep (maximum capacity I can lift for one rep). This is followed by two sessions of 6 reps each at 90% of my maximum capacity.

What I have found is that my ability to lift 6 reps has increased dramatically. I have found more muscle mass growth with this program and hope to continue this for another 6 months to see what happens.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that everybody is different in how they react to exercise programs. Some people have great genetics and are able to respond rapidly to work out and put on muscles. For others, despite being able to lift heavy weights, they are unable to put muscle mass. My conclusion is that the main quality that helps do well in terms of physical fitness is consistency and will power.

Consistency means being able to hit the gym regularly and complete the set routines. Will power means being able to complete the reps with weights despite feeling demotivated. Will power means being able to resist the additional calories in the dessert or avoiding the beer run on the weekend.

I certainly have consistency and a good deal of willpower. However, when it comes to food and the weekend, I have very less willpower and am working on it. Hope you are all having a good time with the onset of Spring.

By the way, I am planning to take my bicycle out more often this spring to summer with the hopes of burning more fats. Instead of taking my car to the store, I will use the bike. Will keep you all posted.


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