Reasonable week

Last week was reasonable. I had three workout days at full capacity instead of my usual four. However, I am still not in control with my diet. I am back to the glass of water in the morning and my Oatmeal breakfast; however, beyond that things look bleak. My new hobby of YouTube recipe cooking led us to make cookies on Saturday, thus ruining attempts at discipline.

I have not yet used my skipping rope or the elliptical machine at home. However, I have squeezed in three full workout sessions so I am not too unhappy. I am sure this week I should be able to get back to 4 work out sessions for the week. This is still better than falling off the wagon.

The weather is improving here and today is maximum of 12 degree centigrade. This means I will get extra cardio when I start cleaning the yard. In a couple of weeks, the temperature will improve further and the salt on the road would dissipate so that I can start taking my dogs for regular walks.

Raking leaf is a good cardio and also seems to work on the obliques. Though much weight is not involved, the constant twisting motion and wrist work seems to make me feel good. Also there is a lot of bending to fill the yard waste bag with leafs and that provides a good workout for the leg and back like squats. All this in addition to regular workouts at the gym means that in the next few weeks, I should start making a dent on my goals.

It is bright and sunny outside so I am off to start my yard work. Have a great day!!


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