Am I really back on track?

Last week ended in optimism as I exceeded my own target of workout at the gym. This week started out as a disaster. Monday was a holiday here and I did not realize that I had skipped gym until it was 8 pm. I guess the subconscious mind loves the laziness and hedonism and prevents you from remembering to do the things it hates.

Tuesday also came and went and I don’t know what reason I had for not going to the gym. However on Wednesday, I managed to get back and completed my regular leg, back and biceps routine twice. I worked twice as hard as usual to mentally compensate for losing 2 days of the week and the potential that in the remaining three days, I may miss at least one or two sessions.

It is starting to frustrate me a bit. I look back at the past and now realize that six years ago when I started on my health lifestyle and fitness path, it must have been really hard. It now seems almost miraculous. Has my will power faded now? Should I be afraid to take future vacations? I hate to think that a healthy lifestyle will not become my default effortless state.

I have now invested in a skipping rope and an elliptical at home so that on days that I miss the gym, I can at least burn some calories at home. Some thing would be better than nothing. I refuse to take the diet route to reduce my weight because I think it would lead to a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and cause health problems. My philosophy is eat well and workout hard. For this philosophy to succeed, I need to get back to regular workouts. At 53, I am still feeling quite healthy. No joint pains or chronic problems so far. If only I could get back on track, I can stay this way.

Here is my vision; If I am going to live to 80, I want to be able to walk and eat properly at least until 80. It is the quality of life issue that matters to me. To ensure a good quality of life, I need to put the hard work now.


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