Back on track

Last week, I succeeded in achieving my plan of hitting the gym for Thursday and Friday and thus completing 4 days of work out in the week. Though Monday was not up to potential, I am happy with the rest of the three days of workout.

Thursday was leg, back and biceps and I was able to push and complete my regular number of exercises and at loads that I managed before the vacation. My neck still fells a bit iffy but I am isolating the muscles around the neck while working out so that I don’t get any injuries.

Friday was chest, shoulders and triceps. These days I have skipped cardio and plan to take up skipping rope (jump rope) instead. I was therefore able to start each workout with a warm up set with lower weights and four sets with work weights. This way I was able to do twice the number of sets that I usually do. All my sets now contain 6 reps but I am planning to have a workout consisting of slightly lesser weights but with 12 rep for at least once every two weeks.

I am not worrying about my waist right now because it is purely a function of my diet. That is another uphill battle for another day. I hope to continue at this level for the next three months before starting to tackle the diet portion. Right now, I am eating proper diet but have been unable to control my binge eating. For example on Saturday, I hit the local buffet and had a heavy meal and came home and slept until 4pm. That kind of behavior helps build the belly. For me, I suspect controlling my love for food is going to be the biggest battle and I am saving it for the last.




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