Those of you who read my earlier posts would know that I have been struggling to get into my workout routine post vacation. After struggling for a week, I finally had success. As planned, I hit the gym yesterday. I was originally planning to do a light upper body workout but ended up completing my entire routine. I sure did reduce the weights so that I can gradually ease myself into the routine and avoid injuries.

I think all the while it was a question of will power. If we allow our mind any leeway, it takes the easy way out to decadence and laziness. I returned from vacation on 2nd February and yesterday was my third workout session and the first one with reasonable intensity to count as a workout.

I did the incline and decline press. Triceps pull down, face pulls, lateral raises and Arnold curls. It felt good to get back into the old feeling of wanting to work out harder as against the desire to stay in front of the TV.

The lesson for me is that in my next vacation, even if I do not workout; I am going to make sure that I do not indulge in binge eating and taking it easy. I would try to at least have a 40 minute brisk walk so that the mind does not get used to lack of exercise. This time, I found it very difficult to get my mind into the state where it looks forward to the workout sessions.

The good news for everyone is that if you are in a situation where you have not worked out for a while, if you just start going to the gym and begin with light workouts then after a few days, you can motivate yourself to a state where you can resume your regular schedule.


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