Ongoing Struggle

uphill climb

Well, Last week I managed only one trip to the Gym. I got good DOMs but then felt some muscular problems in my neck so decided to take it easy. Despite taking muscle relaxants for a couple of days, I did not see sufficient improvement to risk going back to the gym.

Also, we had two days of continuous snowfall and I had been busy clearing the property and felt that I had sufficient cardio. Talk about falling off the wagon? During this vacation I picked up the cooking bug and have been looking up recipes on Youtube and preparing them. Needless to say, I have been gulping down calories.

Yesterday was my first day to Gym this week and this time, I only did one set of all exercises so that I can ease myself into routine. As I write this blog post I am determined to hit the gym in the next 4 hours. This will be like putting one foot in front of the other until I can hit a stride. I will keep this simple. Today is upper body day and I will do just one set of all exercises and take tomorrow off.

Thursday and Friday will be the next two days that I will hit the gym. If I pull off this week, I will repeat this for next week but with my full workout schedule. During this time, I realize how easy it is to say motivational things and how difficult it actually is to stay motivated when in a situation where motivation is all you got.

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