Uphill climb

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This post is more of self motivation for myself. Today is day 4 of my return from a vacation. I was good with going to the Gym and had a great workout on Monday. We then had a snow storm and were still jet lagged so I took Tuesday off.

Yesterday was day 3 and I should have hit the Gym but did not because I felt a slight muscle spasm in my neck. I was due to do my leg, back and biceps routine and felt that my back exercises would impact my neck. Looking back, I think it was a great excuse invented by my mind to avoid the Gym.

It is 5:00 am on day 4 and I am determined to hit the Gym today. I can always perform isolation exercises to avoid engaging my neck muscles. Also I feel way better about my neck today than yesterday.

Even if I achieve two workout days this week, I am happy. I will start with renewed motivation next Monday and aim to get back to my 4 days a week routine. I have also found that my body type responds to longer gaps between sustained bouts of workout.

For example, when I went back to the Gym on Monday for my Chest, Shoulders and Triceps routine – I found that I was able to push as much weight as I could prior to leaving for vacation. I also got incredible DOMs after the workout and could feel that I had not lost any muscles but they had strengthened during the break. It could be my delusion too, but I am going to start taking a 15 day break after every three months of sustained workouts and see how it helps.

How are you guys doing with your workouts this year? Are you still on the wagon? Drop a few lines of motivation to help me stay the course!

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