I am back!

I have just returned from a 15 day vacation. No gym, eating everything that I like and putting on weight. Strangely, I do not feel guilty. I am pretty confident that I will hit the gym today onward and stick to my regular diet.

During the last 15 days, I have had airplane meals for four days. Then while on vacation, I ate a lot of rich local fare with great relish. On return, I found that my weight had not changed much. I guess it is the reverse of what happens when we start exercising. I think when we commence exercising, the fats are replaced with muscles and the weight offsets mostly so we do not see rapid weight loss. Likewise, when we stop exercising the reverse must be true. I suspect my muscle weight has been replaced with fat weights.

To those readers who are new to working out, one note of caution is to avoid injuries by taking all precaution. In this instance, as I return from a break; I will start my work out with much lesser weights than I used to before the vacation. This is so that there is no injury. Over the next week I will gradually increase the weights to return to my normal levels.

During my travel, I met many old friends and relatives. One theme that was common was that each one got different advice. One friend was advised to do cardio and cut out on calories. The other had been under a trainer for a month and then ended up just walking a 1:30 hour circuit. However, for this person, there was no dietary guidance.

It is important that you tell your trainer what your objectives are. For example, if you were working 9 to 5 on a desk job and run to catch the bus daily, you need emphasis on cardio. On the other hand if you are working as a mover, you may do better with weights. A combination of cardio and weights is ideal for balanced development.

The only thing that alarms me is when people focus either entirely on diet or entirely on exercise. A great workout routine will shred you muscles but poor diet will prevent the muscles being repaired and strengthened. This leads to lack of volume and strength development commensurate with effort put thus leading to drop out due to lack of motivation.

On the other hand, those who rely on cutting calories and losing weight are doing a grave disservice to their body. These individuals end up losing muscle mass too. This lifestyle is unsustainable either due to impending illness such as anemia, weakness, fainting etc; else, the will power to continue on such diet may end and lead to eating binges. Either way, this approach is not justified.

My motto is eat well and work out real hard. Hope you guys are still hitting the gym. Stay fit!







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