Stay Motivated

So you have been to the gym since start of the year. 19 days since you began, you do not notice any weight loss. Well do not lose motivation. Here is what is probably happening.

As we start workout, we start consuming the stored fat. A gram of fat has 9 grams of fat. So if you have a couple of kilos of fat on your body, it is like a battery storing an enormous charge. With 2 kilos of fat in your body, you have 18000 calories stored. If you have more fat than that, you can imagine how much extra calories are in your body.

When you do everything right – exercise (weights) and cardio as well as watch what you eat and stay within your calorie allowance, then your body starts building muscles and consuming the fats. However, the weight of fat lost is replaced by the weight of muscle gained. The net effect is that you do not see much difference on the scales.

Here is how you can find movement. Try to flex your chest muscle and touch to see if you can feel the muscle. Do the same with your biceps. Do this daily to notice improvements. Also, remember if you get muscle soreness the day after workout, you are on the right track. That is an indicator that the muscles are growing.

You will see meaningful and visible change 3 to 4 months after exercising consistently. Some of the changes would be in form of a vertical separator forming in your chest to give definition to chest muscles. In your arms, you will start seeing outline of muscles as the fats melt away. The one place you will not find much difference is in the belly region. The fats in this region are the last to go and respond well to a low fat and complex carbohydrate diet.

Remember, nothing good comes easy. Fitness is a worthy goal, keep moving!


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