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We are now mid January. This is the time when the mind starts to put up convincing arguments that you got to take it a bit easy. Skipping Gym today is not going to be a big deal. Your mind may also convince you that you have made good progress in the last 15 days and you have earned the right to take it easy.

If you give in to any of these impulses, you are then setting the stage for your mind to convince you in February that the non refundable gym membership you paid was not a big deal and that you cannot allow the gym to control your life. There are tonnes of important things to be done than go to the gym. Unfortunately if you agree to that impulse, you may find it very comfortable to sit on the couch watching TV and eating chips. It would also mean you have fallen off the wagon for 2018. Also this failure will improve the probability of a similar failure in 2019.

So, what are you going to do today to beat these impulses and set yourself up for success? Here are some ideas. If you did not take your body measurement so far, get a friend to measure your biceps, waist thighs and chest. Tell yourself that you will try another 30 days at the gym and check for improvements.

Another idea would be to consciously look forward to your favorite protein shake as reward for a workout session well done.  You could also look at whether you want to cut down on diet when you do not work out. Maybe, your love for food would be incentive you to workout.

Finally as I said before, a group of friends is the best asset to help you stay on track. If you workout with a group of friends, you can motivate each other and stay on track longer. Finally, if you are bored with the gym, try to walk briskly at least 30 minutes daily and start taking stairs instead of elevator.

All the best in trying to stay working out and improving your lifestyle!








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