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Today is 11th January. I see new faces in the Gym. Typical result of the new year resolution based marketing push. A minority of these new faces will become permanent fixture of the Gym in the coming year.

I became a regular over 8 years ago. The first couple of years were by forced discipline but the subsequent years became a way of life. On other aspect of my life, like keeping my car clean; I find it a waste of time. Both the inside and outside of my car is usually visibly not clean and gets a good wash only when I am picking up friends or relatives. My good neighbor on the other hand loves his car and not only does have everything in his garage to clean his car every week but also repair and maintain it to look like new every day.

Car enthusiasts also know how to keep their ride in top condition. Which lubricant to use and when to change oil and tires. They adhere to the maintenance schedule and polish and shine the Car.

New year is the time when people get the urge to replicate admired habits. The first month end is when this urge slowly dies out. If you want to internalize a habit, you need to make it a part of your lifestyle. This means finding motivation and ways to keep up the habit for at least a few years.

Some common techniques would be to get a partner or group of friends to join your effort. This can help keep motivation. The other is to daily reinforce the desired end state that motivated you to start the habit in the first place – like a pain free fit  body or being able to flaunt your body in the beach next summer. Another method would be to set achievable tiny targets at regular intervals and meeting them. You may decide you would like to lose 200 grams of weight by end of the month and achieve it. This can motivate you to your next goal of another 200 grams weight loss in the next month and so on, all adding up to your ultimate goal down the year while sustaining your new good habit.

The bottom line is that if you are unhappy at work, you can change your job. If you are unhappy with your sports team, you can change it. You can even change clothes you do not like. However, there is one thing you cannot chuck- your body. The sooner you start caring for your body and sculpting it to your likes, the better the prognosis for a happy life. Remember, exercise – diet – sleep – all three are important to get the desired result.

Navigate the top menu to find everything from diet to workout schedules and tips. All the best in your efforts to stay fit and to live a healthy life style!


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