Fitness on a shoestring budget


Here at my blog, I try my best to promote fitness and healthy lifestyle. However, when I discuss my blog with friends, they talk about budget and convenience. I used to think that if my reader can afford a phone or a computer, they have money. This may not always be true so in this post, I am going to focus on low cost workout equipment and discuss their benefits.  This will help budget challenged readers to divert the Gym fees to nutrition.

The lowest cost and most effective workout system is Yoga but you may end up having to pay an instructor. To avoid this, you can take a few exercises that need no equipment and can be done at home. These exercises I am about to describe will not only help full body workout, but also will help you stay flexible.

a) Push ups: You have seen in the movies that a Sargent would shout at a recruit to give him 20 and the recruit will fall to the ground and perform push ups. The benefits of the push up are focused on your chest, shoulders, triceps and core. It is a good compound exercise.

b) Squats: As the name implies, all you got to do in this exercise is to stand with legs shoulder width apart and lower your body down to squat in a manner that your knees do not go beyond your toes. This exercise works on your legs and Gluteal muscles. The leg muscles are the largest in the body and will consume a lot of calories when exercised.

c) Plank: You can take the starting position of a push up and hold the position as long as possible and this will work on strengthening your core. At the start, you would find more impact on your shoulders and upper back but subsequently your cores will respond. Try holding the position for increasing duration progressively.

d) Skipping: Get a skipping rope and learn how to skip. This exercise is a great calorie burner and also provides excellent foot work movements. This is a very good exercise for people who play table tennis, tennis or any such sports where you need to move quickly on all directions.

e) Dumbell curls: You can buy dumbells at the cost of less than a dollar. There are many exercises you can do with them and in addition, you can increase the effectiveness of your squats with added weights.

So now you have no excuse to avoid working out in 2018!



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