NutritionProteins are building blocks for the muscles. After your workout, you look forward to a shot of protein. When we workout, our objective is to stress and damage the muscles. When we consume proteins, the body uses the protein to repair and strengthen the muscles thus adding to bulk and strength.

A typical gram of protein provides 4 calories of energy. Protein is not a primary source of energy and is usually the last source of energy for the body after exhausting Carbs and fats. The other functions of Protein are to help create hormones and to transport fluids. Some texts also point to the involvement of Protein in helping with the immune system.

When it comes to protein intake, I always recommend talking to your doctor because excess protein can cause significant strain on the body and potential damage. The general rule is to have .8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight assuming a normal individual. However, people have different body structure. Some may be large boned while others are not. Also if your body fat is above normal, then by this token you would end up consuming .8 gram of protein for some part of your body weight that is excess fat.

It will not harm visiting your doctor to baseline your requirements before you commence a new diet to supplement your exercise routine. I personally aim to take .85 grams of protein considering that I work out four times a day and am not overweight. I may increase this intake if I step up my workout. Consuming some protein with  sucrose right after a workout is known to help improve muscle building.

The next element of nutrition is Fats

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