Renew yourself today

Rebuild your body.png

When our house looks tired, we renovate and it adds new energy and value as well as extends the life of the house. If we do not renovate and repair, the house loses value and ultimately disintegrates into ruins.

What if I told you that we can renovate ourselves daily? Imagine if you could get new cells in your body daily and if a good percentage of your body was new cells, would you not feel energetic, refreshed and live healthy and longer? Alternatively, if you did not get new body cells daily, imagine how bogged down and tired you will be?

This is a great point of motivation for most people I meet. Here is the well known secret, when you work out daily, your body damages muscle cells and it is repaired at night with new and stronger muscle cells.

In one of my earlier posts, I had explained the muscle structure. The objective of every workout session is to target the muscle groups and stress them to the maximum so that we create micro tears in the muscles. Then we feed our body with protein and go to sleep. While we sleep, the body is relaxed and the muscles are relaxed. While autonomous functions take over, protein is used by the body to repair the micro tears. While repairing the micro tears, the body makes sure that the new cells put in place are strong enough to take the load that created the tear in the first place. In order to increase the strength, additional muscle cells are created and the density increases.

Within 24 -48 hours of a good workout session, the exercised muscles feel DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Taking full advantage of this opportunity to build muscle requires good nutrition and sleep. If you look at the incremental improving body composition of an untrained individual as they continue to workout, it is inspirational.

The body of a person who works out regularly contains more muscles and most of it is new cells. These muscles need carbs for energy even in rest state and therefore increase the calorie allowance. These additional carbs have to be digested and so the other organs of the body get a work out and become more efficient and thus lead to a much healthy and renewed body.

The choice is yours. Do you want to renovate today?



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