Maintaining Motivation

Don't let things you can't do 13oct 2017

Getting fit and staying healthy needs a lifestyle change that we call the healthy lifestyle. Such a lifestyle involves consistent physical activity and mindful consumption of nutrition while getting adequate sleep. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing we have to do in life! We have a job, family and responsibilities and many things to think about. We have 24 hours in a day but since we are human, it is difficult to strictly compartmentalize everything and therefore frustrations and disappointments in one part of our life flows into another. This is when we lose motivation.

I have found that when you really like something, you never tire of doing it. You seem to be able to create time for it. For example, if you love playing video games, you can put hours into it and never get tired.

Likewise, if you want something quite bad then you pursue it and do not rest until you achieve it. So basically, you really need to want to get fit in order to achieve your goal. Once you become fit, you really want to need badly to stay fit in order to stay fit. This is motivation.

For some motivation comes from the desire to win a modeling contest or body building contest. For yet others, it comes from wanting to be in shape for the beach in summer or for that school re-union.

I derive my motivation from the knowledge that my survival depends on avoiding diabetes and to do that, I need to get fit, stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. It had always been the case except that the motivation did not kick in until I lost a few relatives to the disease. I have been more or less on track over the last 6 years improving my prospects and fitness levels. Writing this blog reinvigorates my motivation.

So take some time and think hard about what you want. It may be something other than fitness but it should be something worthwhile. You have one life and one opportunity to do all that you want to do. Every minute without focus is wasting that opportunity. You should want to be the one that achieves your goals and not one that laments that if you had done some thing 5 years ago, you would have been something today!

So the first homework is an answer to the question: “What do I really want?

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