Top 5 exercises for the chest

If you are looking for the exercises for improving your chest muscles, here are my top five picks. The chest muscles consist of Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minus, Subclavicle.

Here are the top five exercises that can get you well defined Pecs.

a) Flat Dumbbell press

b) Inclined Dumbbell press

c) Declined Dumbbell press

c) Flat Dumbbell fly

d) Inclined Dumbbell fly

Most people neglect the decline press but it does not show very obvious imbalance. However, it is important to do all the three variations of the press because they attack the pectoral muscles from different angles and provide a proportionate growth. If only flat press is done, you may end up with muscles that resemble “man boobs”!!

The Dumbbell fly can be performed on flat, inclined and declined bench. This exercise provides definition to separate left pects from the right.

Ideally, you should perform all three press on alternate workout sessions and all three flys on the other alternate session as part of your upper body workout. This introduces variety of challenges for the muscles and provides continued growth.

The dumbbell fly exercises can also be done on cable machines that provide three angles of attack identical to incline, decline and flat. Many gyms also have benchpress machines.

When you start, it is better to use the bench press machines because they control the trajectory and ensure that you don’t get injured. However, once you master the movement, you should go to free weights periodically and perform dumbbell bench press because free weights force all supporting muscles to participate in ensuring proper trajectory for the exercise and gives you well rounded gains.



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