Workout plan

Today we will talk about the workout plan. A good workout plan will ensure that your work out is safe and will progress you satisfactorily towards you goal.

Whatever your goal (weightloss, muscle gain etc), there are some common principles that would underpin your workout plan.

Customization: Each workout plan has to be tailored to the individual based on their current capability, goal and time available.

Injury avoidance: You have to take into account the structural tolerance of your body to endure stress and stay within it. Beginners are better off to start with machine Train fierceexercises first before going to free weights. While learning exercises, focus on technique and not the weight. Proper technique should become second nature while you gradually increase the weights. Progressive overload is the best strategy to safely increase your lifting capacity. I will talk about various techniques in subsequent posts.


Frequency: How often are you able to work out in a week and how much time do you have? This may also impact the intensity and type of workout that you may need to do to meet your goals. It will also impact how long it will take you to achieve your goals.

All round development: There are some muscle groups that individuals inadvertently end up targeting. For men, it is the biceps and chest. A good workout plan aims to create all round balanced development so that the body is proportional. It is quite funny to see a well developed upper body with an underdeveloped lower body.

Muscle confusion: Muscles have the uncanny ability to optimize work. If you do the same workout routines daily, your gains will plateau soon. Muscles need varied workouts targeting the same muscle group to ensure that they keep responding to exercise. For example if you are working out your biceps, there are half a dozen exercises that you can use on every alternate session to ensure that your biceps are adequately challenged. A good trainer will provide you variety of exercises for each muscle group.

Consistency: This is a very important element. You need to work out at least three alternate days every week in order to lay a foundation. You will not see visible results immediately but need to keep up the work out schedule with progressive overload to start noticing physical changes.

Work out at least 60 minutes every day (20 minutes on treadmill followed by 40 minutes of weight exercises). Start initially with lower weights and and do 3 sets of 12 Repetitions (REPS) each. This will help your body to activate motor units and recruit more muscle fibers.

Maintenance: Once you stay consistent and achieve your goals, you need to do a certain minimum amount of work out with lesser weights on a consistent basis to retain gains made. If you don’t, then the gains you made will soon vanish.

Window of opportunity: Treat yourself to a protein shake after your work out. The body post workout is super receptive to protein for about 30 minutes. Proteins are used to build or repair muscles. I will talk more about this in subsequent posts.

Sleep: You need to have sound sleep for 8 hours daily so that the body can repair and strengthen the muscles that were stressed during the workout. The body uses protein to repair and rebuild the muscles.

Do you want a workout routine or a workout plan template? Drop me a note or leave a comment.


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