Tackling habits

As I mentioned in my previous post, having stopped adding sugar to tea helped but I still had problems due to my love for food and relaxation. I was struggling hard to solve this problem. Google was a good source for searching information on this issue. I discovered that we are in a way creatures of habit.comitfit

We have a routine from morning to evening and get habituated to the routine subconsciously. If you take a moment to introspect your day and take note of your routine, you will find many elements that are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, I was not a smoker as that is a difficult habit to kick. However, I found that the general structure of my routine was punctuated frequently with tea and snack breaks.

With an understanding that making big changes is not sustainable, I decided to start with small ones. Instead of heading out of office to snack between meals, I decided to drink a glass of water instead. It soon became a hassle due to restroom visits. It was at this time that I discovered that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning helps a bit and also having a big breakfast stopped me from eating anything before lunch. I started focusing on the first glass of water in the morning and quality breakfast for the first three months.

The entire healthy lifestyle process underpins fitness. If anyone tells you it is easy and you can see results in 3 months, don’t believe it. The time it takes to transition to healthy lifestyle depends on where you start from (smoking, drinking, chronic illness etc) to your will power and motivation to make the change.

Continued in my next post. I will also be adding sections on exercises, training schedules as well as diet tips sections very soon. Please check back regularly.


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